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Curing Beverage Warming, One Drink at a Time With Our Patented Personal Bottle Coolers.


Phone and Email:

Phone: 561-252-1601
Fax: 561-743-1937

Shipping Information:

You should expect delivery 1-3 weeks after receipt of order.


Refunds or Exchanges:

If you are not happy with your product, simply send it back within 30 days of purchase for a refund or exchange.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Question: Can I put the Bevfridge in a dishwasher?

Answer: We recommend that you hand wash the Bevfridge.


Question:Does the Bevfridge leak after extended use?

Answer: If using the Bevfridge with too much water, and ice, the temperature will cause condensation. As you would do with any cold beverage, simply wipe off the excess condensation or place a coaster below the device.


Question: Does the Bevfridge fit in some of the smaller cup holders?

Answer: The bottom of the insulation sleeve can be trimmed if desired to fit smaller holders. A cup adaptor accessory is also available under our accessory section.


Question: Can I take the Bevfridge into stadiums?

Answer: Not likely, as they consider it an outside container, which is not allowed. I would be cautions about concert venues as well.

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