About Blue Marble Concepts’ Bevfridge Idea

While watching a football game in the pool about 12 years ago, our inventor, Jeff Brouillette, had the issue as most have, that his beer was getting warm before he was able to finish it. So, he took a large cup from a race track store he had on a table nearby, cut a hole in the lid, and filled it with ice to create a prototype of Bevfridge, a sealable drink cooler without the mess. And the rest, they say, is history! 

The only issue was that every time he tipped his creative new innovation, the melted ice water would spill out. After trying several foam and rubber seals on the market, Jeff developed a prototype made for a seal that would work for both bottles and cans.

The Bevfridge drink cooler simply keeps a bottled or canned beverage cool by surrounding it with Ice and water. Our patented seal design keeps the ice and water from spilling out while the beverage is being consumed, so you stay dry and cool.

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